AVN Business Solutions:
Unifying Dreams, Enabling Growth

Founded in 2013 with a commitment to revolutionize the logistics and marketplace expansion landscape, AVN Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has become a pivotal player in shaping the future of eCommerce in India. This brainchild of Vishal Totla and Nayan Ratandhayara, a Chartered Accountant duo, stands as the visionary technological force behind two dynamic entities – Shipyaari and Shopyaari.


At the core of AVN Business Solutions is the belief that dreams have the power to bring Bharat closer. The overarching dream is to empower customers and businesses alike to buy and sell products seamlessly, regardless of their location.


As India aims for a 5 trillion dollar economy, AVN Business Solutions intends to be the driving force, enabling businesses to thrive and contribute to this ambitious vision.

Elevating Marketplace Expansion

A child venture under the umbrella of AVN Business Solutions, Shopyaari is an expert in marketplace expansion. Currently collaborating with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Shopyaari specializes in facilitating businesses to grow their presence in the ever-expanding digital marketplaces. With a focus on providing unparalleled services, Shopyaari is a trusted partner for businesses, size agnostic, aiming to broaden their reach and thrive in the online commerce ecosystem.

Tech-Enabled Smoother Shipping

Fueled by a mission to bridge the service gap in the logistics industry, Shipyaari evolved from humble beginnings into a robust technology platform. Today, Shipyaari stands tall as the preferred choice for over 25,000 Indian businesses, offering seamless shipping solutions and comprehensive logistics support.

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