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Launched in 2022 by the Indian Govt., ONDC or the Open Network for Digital Commerce is a network that enables a transparent digital commerce ecosystem. It aims to democratize eCommerce in India by creating a level playing field for all businesses, size agnostic.

At Shopyaari, with ONDC, we envision a robust digital commerce ecosystem where every seller, irrespective of size or location, has the opportunity to flourish. By connecting you to the expansive ONDC network, we are not just opening up markets and increasing revenue; we are democratizing digital commerce, making it accessible, and beneficial for all.

Now you don’t need to integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms to sell online. Simply integrate with ONDC by registering with Shopyaari, and start selling on the ONDC network at zero setup cost.

Why You Need Shopyaari to Join ONDC

Begin your ONDC journey with our tailored seller application. This integration is your passport to a vast customer base waiting for your products.

We assist you in digitizing your catalogue, making your offerings available to millions at the click of a button.

Shopyaari ensures seamless transactions, smooth payment disbursements, making monetary transactions hassle-free for both you and your customers.

Knowledge is power. We empower you by training you on e-Commerce best practices to ensure quality fulfillment and giving your customers a positive buying experience, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

If you operate as an Inventory Seller Node (ISN) managing and selling your own inventory, showcase your offerings on any reputable platform under the secure and supportive ONDC framework.

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